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CCHIG's  fees are based on a simple premise: provide each client with a reasonably priced service. To do
so, I structured my fee schedule to coincide with the various types of homes that are prevalent in today's
market.  A fee, say, for a one or two bedroom condominium, should not be the same as an individual house.  
The fees for smaller homes with only a couple of bedrooms should not be the same as larger homes with
many more.  Accordingly, I have based my fee structure to coincide with the specific residence I'm going to
inspect.  My inspection services and rates are as follows:

If you're purchasing a new home, especially in one of the numerous "communities" within Brunswick or Horry
Counties (many have HOA's or POA's and preferred builders) - I offer a very helpful pre-closing service that
you should very much consider - a
Pre-Closing Walk Through inspecton.

If you have not yet closed on your new home, your builder is going to require that you participate in a
pre-closing walk through.  At that time you will be required to "sign-off" and accept the workmanship on
almost every aspect of your new home.  Considering that the process of buying and closing on your new
home is an emotional event, you should consider having an experienced home inspector "check things out"
before you do your walk through. I almost always find issues/concrns an untrained may miss. I will inspect:

You will receive a report [if requested] the very same day the
Pre-Closing Walk Through is done. Then,
when you do your walk through with the builder or builder's agent, you'll be able to determine whether issues
noted were addressed, incomplete, or not done - and also add concerns to the builder you deem important.
Considering this is the one chance you'll have prior to closing and accepting existing house conditions, it
should be strongly considered. Yes, you'll most likely have a one year warranty - but issues conveyed to the
builder, post closing, can take weeks or longer to have remedied. Addressing issues and concerns prior to
"signing on the dotted line," are corrected very, very quickly. They want to close ASAP.

Keep in mind that my
Pre-Closing Walk Through inspection service is NOT as thorough or as detailed as
my standard home inspection services.  It is specifically for new housing which includes a normal builder
warranty.  A
Pre-Closing Walk Through inspection usually takes about an hour. NO TESTING OR
INSPECTION EQUIPMENT IS UTILIZED. If you desire a full fledged, comprehensive standard home
inspection [see the "
What Matters" section of my website] - refer to the fee schedule below for "Standard."

Having a house built? I also offer a new house "
Staged Inspection" inspection service. This is a three
tiered new construction inspection with three inspection visits to the house you're having built.

Stage One - Pre-Drywall Installation:
Inspect interior for proper insulation installation, exterior construction implementation, metal plate covers to
protect in-wall electrical wiring & plumbing lines, check for broken truss issues, framing concerns, Inspect
windows for proper installation and operating functionality, inspect attic

Stage Two - Post-Drywall & Interior Flooring/Door/Trim Completion:
Inspect drywall/taping implementation, confirm proper door installation & functionality, inspect flooring
implementation, inspect garage [attached only], inspect interior trim/molding

Stage Three - Pre-Closing:
See Pre-Closing Walk Through inspection details referenced above


Condo/Townhouse - up to 3Br's...  $175.00 -->   (4 Bedrooms or more)...$235.00
Single Family - up to 3 Bedrooms/Loft...$245.00 -->   (4 Bedrooms or more)...$295.00
Add'l $
30 for same-day report [via email link] after pre-closing walk through - only if requested

Houses less than 2,500 Sq Ft:..............$650
Houses greater than 2,500 Sq Ft..........$775
Over 3,000 Sq. Ft. - Call for quote
Staged Inspection Fee is payable in advance for all three stages

STANDARD CONDOMINIUM - (per unit, up to 1,100 sq. ft.)
(call for quotes over 1,100 sq. ft.)
Studio or 1 bedroom/loft........................... $245.00 *
2 bedrooms/loft.......................................... $275.00 *
3 bedrooms/loft...........................................$295.00 *
4 bedrooms/loft.......................................... $355.00 *
5 bedrooms/loft or more.................................CALL *

(call for quotes on houses over 2,500 sq. ft.)
Up to 2 bedrooms/bonus room..... .. $345.00 *
3 bedrooms/bonus room................... $395.00 *
4 bedrooms/bonus room................... $445.00 *
5 bedrooms/bonus room....................$525.00 *
6 bedrooms/bonus room or more............CALL

* Fees are based upon any of the homes above having no more than 2 bathrooms.  An additional fee of $20
would apply for each additional bathroom - including half-baths.  Offices/Studies/Bonus Rooms, and Lofts
w/bed(s), couches or futon(s) are counted as "bedrooms" for pricing purposes. For example - a 3 BR house
with a Bonus Room is considered 4 BR's.  If paying by CC - a service fee may apply - see below.

A minimum re-inspection fee of $175 to $275 is applicable in the event I am asked to return to a previously
inspected residence for any reason including: check on work that may have been done to correct
deficiencies referenced in my inspection report, follow-up on de-winterization, re-inspect areas or
components that were not readily accessible at the time of the initial inspection or utilities not on, etc.  Any
additional fees applicable to the initial inspection also apply to any re-inspection.

ADDITIONAL SERVICE FEES - only if requested
Garages (detached only)....2 Car...$65.00 - 3 Car/Workshop...$85 **
Outbuildings (small  shed, carport).........  $35.00 **
Basements [full/partial]..........................$75.00

Houses 15 to 25 years old...add'l $35.00  /  26 to 35 years old..add'l $65
Houses 36 years or older...Usually No Inspection Services Available - CALL
[age restriction does not apply to condos & houses on pilings]
House inspection requiring >30 miles of one-way travel - $25 add'l
House inspection requiring > 40 miles of one-way travel - $35 add'l
** Only as requested or required.  Inspections for attached garages are included.


Thermal Imaging Scan Test  - see "Thermal Imaging" section...... $75.00

Water Penetration Testing - (see information below)...................... $45.00

Beyond a visual inspection, with the use of non-invasive testing equipment (digital Protimeter), from within
the house I can test interior walls, as well as readily visible areas of current for previous water issues which
may exist, or previously existed.  This may determine high moisture levels (if any) that may exist.  
Moisture can be hidden within walls and wood - which usually can be detected with this testing procedure.
In many instances, this could possibly unveil issues related to leaking roofs, leaking windows, or internal
plumbing problems.

Potential Mold Test *-  (see information below).......$35.00 (if tested during inspection)
* fee is per test area]                                       $115.00 (pre/post inspection test - 1 test area)

As everyone is aware, excessive mold growth within a house can have an adverse effect on one's
respiratory system.  Utilizing a simple on-site testing swab kit, I can determine whether possible mold
exists in areas where mold appears to be present.  I don't test common areas within shower stalls or grout
edges on bath fixtures where minor mold growth can occur, as these can be easy remedied with
off-the-shelf cleaners.  I can test the attic, basement, or crawlspace which appear to have excessive
evidence of potential mold.  More importantly, I can test the return line duct/plenum of the house's HVAC
system where mold issues can easily be hidden.  Homes quite often have mold issues within this area,
especially vacation homes near, or on, beach communities - due to a lack of regular HVAC system use.  
High moisture and humidity levels, and a lack of regular HVAC air circulation/use, can  allow mold to grow
within the ductwork.  I strongly recommend the return duct/plenum be tested on  homes located in beach
communities, especially those over 10 years of age.

Using a
3M Clean-Trace Surface Protein Plus swab test, an "on-site" swap is taken that can determine
(within 10 minutes) the potential presence of mold. The test is intended as an initial screening to test a
visible stain for the presence of a wide variety of molds and proteins. This test does not distinguish
between them. Additional laboratory analysis may be required to confirm result. Green, dark or blackened
spots, which appear to be mold may in fact be mere mildew, rot, water stains, etc.

Water Testing - Bacteria (coliform & E.coli)............................................ $55.00  ^
^ On-site test using certified test kit - meets EPA standards  
NOTE: Rates listed above apply to testing in conjunction with a home inspection.
When making your decision on an inspector, I know that you will be very satisfied, and have more "peace
of mind," by choosing
CCHIG..  Just knowing that your investment is being inspected by an experienced
professional with comprehensive and ongoing training, who has passed State of North & South Carolina
licensing, stringent National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI) exams, and who adheres
to state & national accepted inspection standards.should make your decision to choose
Carolina Coast
Home Inspections Group
an easy one.


NC License #002751
SC License #RBI 2527
    ~ Walls and ceilings for potential drywall, bowing, or poor taping/plaster issues
    ~ Electrical panel and GFCI outlets for safety functionality
    ~ Proper water heater installation
    ~ Proper installation of all plumbing fixture supply/waste lines, including full tile/grout inspection
    ~ Proper and adequate attic venting and insulation
    ~ Installed doors and cabinets for proper installation and operating functionality
    ~ Potential safety defects or safety deficiencies inside and outside the home
    - Windows/Sliders/Doors to ensure they are functioning as intended
    - Exterior for issues [roofing, vents, siding, flashing, electrical, trim, soffits, fascia, gutters, drainage